K.D. Muir’s Sports Quiz

So what did we learn from this sporting week?

  1. Kiwis still can’t play soccer – There might be as many Kiwi kids playing soccer as rugby but there is no clear path to a career in professional football in New Zealand. Our best chance to regularly qualify for World Cups is to join the Asian Football Confederation like Australia did. Once there, regularly playing the likes of Australia, Japan, South Korea would definitely improve the skill level. There is nothing to salvage from the 5-1 loss now dubbed the ‘Massacre at the Azteca’.
  2. Ireland has two managers – The Irish have come up with a novel idea for their own soccer team and this involves having two managers. It seems ridiculous as there would surely be inevitable toe stepping. Especially when one of those managers is one Roy Keane. But there you have it. I have been told that Martin O’Neil is a good ‘man manager’ and Keane is just the man to have in the changing room to strike the fear of god into the players. Maybe it will work. Perhaps New Zealand should try it? I nominate Sir Graham Henry and Ryan Nelsen.
  3. Dan Carter turns 100 – No he’s not getting his letter just yet.  This weekend’s match against England at Twickenham will be Dan Carter’s one hundredth test match. Will he get to Brian O’Driscolls 126 caps? It’s hard to say but I do hope the occasion is sealed with an All Black win. There are many reasons  why they have to win this one. If they dont:
  • It will be two losses to England in 12months with an English World Cup looming.
  • The English are pricks to lose to” (Apparently…I didn’t say that…Andrew Mehrtens did.)
  • The possibility of a first unbeaten season since 1997 would be put to an end.
  • The English will boo the Haka at the start. If the AB’s lose it will become all too     fashionable.
  • The Poor Irish will have to play the All Blacks the following week (There is nothing worse than playing an AB team after they have just lost. The AB’s don’t often lose two in a row).
Will it be a happy 100th for Dan?

Will it be a happy 100th for Dan?

So that was the sporting week but what about sports history? Do you know how many professional tennis players have had sex changes? What did they do with Shergar? And how heavy was Phar Laps heart? Don’t worry, none of these will be questions however I will have only one soccer and one rugby question so you better know your other sports. Here Goes:

  1. Who won gold in snowboarding (halfpipe) at the previous two winter Olympics?
  2. How many innings are there in Baseball?
  3. Name the four ‘Grand-Slam’ events in tennis.
  4. What was the last year the Toronto Maple Leafs lifted the Stanley Cup?
  5. Which Legendary All Black took a ‘dive’ in the match against Wales in 1978?
  6. What was the score the last time the All Whites played Mexico in New Zealand?
  7. In sailing, name the parachute like sail deployed on a downwind leg?
  8. Which sport is known as ‘The Sport of Kings’.
  9. In which country are the World Elephant Polo Championships held ?
  10. Michael Jordan played two professional sports. What were they?

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