Fiction v Non-Fiction

So two unpublished tomes and I’m currently trying my hand at non-fiction. 15,000 words in and it just seems easier than writing fiction.
The most notable difference is the flow in the process. As I scratch my head trawling the grey matter for childhood memories, I realise that those moments I am unsure of can be returned to and so I move on. In fiction if you are not certain of every turn I find there is a stutter in the process or worse I come to a grinding halt.
In the end writing the fiction I believe takes a lot more consideration. You put yourself into the head of each character and at times leaving one for another can be difficult.
Although not strictly an organic process the writing of non fiction requires a return at some stage whether it is a revision, or completion or a fact finding exercise but it is safety in the knowledge that you know the way the story unfolds and that it is not necessary to get inside the head of those people who appear in your memoirs but merely give the reader your interpretation of them.

I must admit it’s alot of fun remembering these formative years and the level of nostalgia involved is off the charts but I believe with the right set of memories and a constant stream of anecdotes this will be an enjoyable read.

All hail the retrospective!!!

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