Scotland the Bold

There is an important date coming up this month for all New Zealanders. No it’s not the date of the General Election. That’s the 20th of September.  No, it’s sooner than that. The date I’m thinking of is the 12th of September – which is the day tickets go on sale for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

I’m not going to go mad this time. I’m just looking for tickets to a couple of the matches and if I don’t manage to get them, I’ll live. Scratch that…I will continue to exist. I won’t be taking The Rugby Blanket with me either. Those who read the book will know I have declared the blanket retired. I suggested the blanket should go to a museum but so far no institute has offered to take it. I don’t blame them. The blanket is not something that can be contained or minded. It has a mind of its own and it’s caregiver is always in for a rough ride. I will keep it locked away until such time that it is taken from me, eaten by moths or someone begs for it. So if I manage to find some tickets, then and only then, will I think about voting in an election.

It's referendum time in Scotland - 18th September.

It’s referendum time in Scotland – 18th September.

I’m not out of touch when it comes to New Zealand politics but if you asked me to reel off the names of the MP’s and their respective electorates I would struggle. As yet my ballot paper hasn’t turned up. This is a worry considering I’m an overseas voter and I have my mail forwarded from Ireland to Germany but as in The Rugby Blanket there is a destiny involved. It will turn up if I am meant to vote. By all accounts the current government looks set to stay in power when these elections are done so I wouldn’t expect any surprises – however I would like to see Auckland Central swing back to the left – where it should be.

But enough about NZ politics I rarely go near the topic because of the debate and rancour it can inspire. If I have to stay on the general topic of politics then I think I will turn my attention to those indomitable tribes at the tippy tippy top of the United Kingdom –  The Scots.

Another important date in September is the 18th. This is the day that Scotland holds it’s referendum. A referendum for an independent Scotland (or at least the right to discuss it). That’s right, vote YES for ‘Freeedoooom!!!’ and all the deep fried mars bars you can eat. Vote NO if you plan on watching the royal variety performance and the queen’s speech at Christmas. Simple isn’t it? Not so. I’m a Scot by name and you only have to go back to my great-grandfather’s generation to find a Scottish-born Muir. In a way that connection is reigniting the old celtic fire and I feel the need to shout YES. According to polls the YES vote is still in the minority but with a million still undecided, it is those that will decide it. If the Scots do vote for independence, what then? Will it set a precedent where other UK territories begin to seek the same kind of independence? Is it Wales next? Will we soon see sessions of the Isle of Man’s new parliament live on telly.  Time will tell.

There’s a lot happening in September. Get out and vote or buy some rugby tickets! That’s an order.

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