Moving Out

Well now, that move wasn’t as easy as I thought. I am now staying at the in-laws’ pad. And while this is a great place rest up while the kids finish their school year, the move isn’t quite finished. As can be read from here this is technically house number 28 as I await the move to house number 29 in Bonn, Germany. I’m nearing that magic number of 30 dwellings and as long as I don’t remain in the former American Embassy’s residential estate forever, I will reach that crazy benchmark.

I'm getting closer to the 30 dwellings mark.

I’m getting closer to the 30 dwellings mark.

You could say I have calmed my moves in recent years. At one point it was a different dwelling for every year of my life but I have spent the last nine years in Gainsborough, Malahide which has brought the average down a bit. It is easily the longest I have lived anywhere and for that reason I should probably examine my time there a little more closely and reminisce about lingering memories.

59 Gainsborough Green – So what kept me there so long? My wife of course. I had been incarcerated without my knowledge if you like. First we had to meet and then, after a few dates, she invited me over. It was a nice place that was far too big for one young professional. I decided to stay over and keep her company. That was it. She spun an enchanting web and in short time the proposal came. Once we were wed it was logical to stay for a while longer. We even had a couple of kids to pass the time – Three to be precise. Three little princesses who have now taken over the role of keeping me incarcerated that their mother had begun.

It’s only now that I sit here, having completed the move and seen all our possessions off to Germany, that I think about what a home we had made of it. As I got the place ready for rent, I was far too thorough as I lovingly painted every room in the house, fixed a dozen things I had meant to fix for some time and readied the garden for an Irish summer I would not see. It has grown on me and it has come a long way from that nearly empty semi-detached house it once was.

It’s not hard to have a fondness for the place in relation to my children. It is and always will be their first home. The place they were first brought to when they came home from the maternity hospital and in that way it bears some serious thinking in terms of coming back to live in it again. I’m not sure if anywhere else in Malahide would give me the same sense of home that that place does and this is a suburb with some pretty appealing properties. I guess this is what living in a place for a long time does to a person. It’s a new sensation to a transient like me.

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