By George, it’s a Boy!

So after much press speculation as to the sex of the royal baby, it turns out it was a boy all along. It had been made known that in the case of the birth of a princess, she would get first dibs in line to the throne using some new fandangled royal equality rule but like Charles and William before him, George is a little boy blue. I’m reasonably certain that George is not short for Georgina and they have eased the media’s concern by adding the names Alexander and Louis also. To be certain it is best to wait until a future coronation. If they recite ‘the king is dead long live the king’ then you can be sure it’s a boy. I’m not entirely convinced though. All I’ve seen so far is a baby in a blanket. Could they not set everyone’s mind at ease and cast the blanket to the wind? Now you may say ‘It’s a boy..end of story’ but you only have to look at other recent happenings in media-land to know the sex of a human being is not clear cut.

Is it a Boy?

The Royal Baby – Is it a Boy?

Trans-gender author JK Rowling has recently become a woman again. Never quite happy with her female form, she became Robert Galbraith earlier this year and set out to start life anew as a red-blooded male.  The newly renovated ‘He’ couldn’t give up the writing career though and something in him sought to continue with the craft. Robert released a book while he was still a ‘He’ entitled ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’. It’s about a young boy with a lightning shaped scar on his head and he flies around on a sweeping brush with his ginger haired mate (..wish I’d thought of that). Anyway it turns out ‘Cuckoos Calling’ wasn’t selling too well so Bob G had a decision to make. The newly crafted tools he had at his disposal were then removed and Bob became Joanne again. Are you still with me? Now the book is selling well and a movie is on the cards. They have someone to play the bespectacled lead but they’re still looking for the ginger fella. So I think we can call her Joanne now but you can call her ‘Joe’ if it makes you more comfortable.

From a red blooded female with a man’s name, now we move to a red blooded man with a girl’s name – Me! My name is cause for concern at times but what I tend to do is check nightly that everything is in its right place and that nothing has moved about. If things do change down there, I won’t have to consider a name change which is handy.

What have we learned? We have learned that whether you have a boy’s name or a girl’s name and your parents have told you that you are either a boy or a girl, it is best to check yourself to make sure. Whether you have blue blood or red blood, it makes no difference. But you can be sure that with a name like George there is no one that will ever call his gender into question.

Long Live Boy George the Second!!!

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