The 25 Hour Day

It seems as if my posts at the moment are reserved for late night entries at not quite weekly intervals. It is not that I want this blog to be a series week weary after thoughts but it has to be when I can find the time. The less time I have to blog is a blessing in disguise as it probably means I am making good progress on something else. These thoughts of time management have got me thinking that if we were afforded more time, what do we do with it? If I get a spare hour I am just as likely to take a breather and do very little rather than add another 500 – 1000 words to my count. Sometimes I might even use it to improve my DPR(Dad Points Rating) and take the girls to the playground. But here is my contention – what if we were given more? Let’s say a 25 hour day. What would you do with that extra hour?

‘A Martian day is 24.65 Earth hours long’

Would we as a species add an hour to our working day or would we get an extra hours kip? Over time I guess it would be split down the middle but there is also the play option. As a keen guitarist I have all but removed it from my weekly routines in an attempt to fit everything else in but if I was afforded an extra hour I would make a pledge now that guitar would get the nod. There are some tired people out there that would gladly take the extra hours sleep and some hungry people who would take the extra hours overtime but for me…I’d bring the music back.

We could start right away on this 25 hour experiment, after all, every four years we are given an extra day. Instead of having silly leap years where hopelessly ineffectual men pray their on off girlfriend of ten years will propose, we can redistribute time. Every year could be allocated six 25 hour days. They would be evenly distributed throughout the year and so as not to offset the day/night cycle too greatly, some shortened days may be required occasionally(Monday’s would be a great place to start). Because we wouldn’t have these twenty five hour days constantly, I feel we would use the extra hours wisely seeing them as some kind of miniature weekend(a lengthened dayend to be precise). The very nature of their infrequency would make these days special and it would be the exact thing office workers would talk about over the water cooler.

‘Hey we’ve got that extra hour today don’t we?’
‘Yep, whatcha gonna do with it?’
‘Take a long lunch break and watch the sunset’

Ok so maybe the track of the sun would be confusing and maybe it would play havoc with our sleep patterns but the idea is still germinating. Another possibility would be to keep the leap year and just follow every 25 hour Sunday with a 23 hour Monday. We wouldn’t even need to have half a dozen of them. We could just have one and make it a public holiday. Let’s say ‘Long Day’ for simplicities sake followed of course by ‘Short Day’. Why not make a long weekend of it?

For those who are warming to the idea of these proposed gifts of time, be patient and your days will get longer. At present the earths rotation is slowing so a twenty five hour day may one day be a reality. If you simply can’t wait that long then a move to Mars might be in order. A Martian day is 24.65 earth hours long which means Martians are watching roughly 39 minutes more television a day than you are.

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