‘The Rugby Blanket’ …an update.

When blogging I’ve spent most of my time trying to find some topic to comment on or some tip that I have picked up during my time writing. Recently, with little time, I haven’t had much of a chance to wrack the brain for these topics or items of shared wisdom. In these times of distraction it’s probably best if I just provide you with an update.

I’m pleased to say I am finally getting out there. Instead of sitting on all these drafts and ideas which have almost come to fruition,  I can safely say I will publish something before xmas (ah…let’s say before Paddies day).  But you will need a Kindle friendly device to read it. After alot of positive feedback from agents and publishers on my submission ‘The Rugby Blanket’ but with a prevailing conclusion of ‘not the right time’ (in lieu of Richie McCaw, Graham Henry and Piri Weepu all releasing rugby books) – i have decided to give it a go anyway. This book can happily sit in cyberspace while Richie’s books fly off the shelves.

Yours Truly at the All Blacks v Canada during RWC2011.

The book itself is a rugby memoir and goes back a long way but there is something in it for those who are not fans of rugby. There are anecdotes that I bring to the fore that most people (especially young New Zealanders ) can relate to. My nominal date for launch is October the 23rd, the anniversary of the All Blacks World Cup win but we shall see if the draft is ready.

I thought I would simply bring you up to speed so that you may see how the process works (or how my process works). This is where I’m at:

I wrote the draft between January and March. It was rough but it was readable by Easter. I sent sample chapter submissions to New Zealand agents, publishers and the odd rugby magazine editor. While there were no promises of paper publishing, it was an encouraging response. I left things for a time while I began a new fiction project but by the end of the summer ‘ The Rugby Blanket’ called to me again. After a re-read I sent the manuscript to Copy Editor Michael Kaeflein, who worked his magic and cleaned up the draft. I have since completed a re-write and am currently working through another. Think of re-writing as a cross-between wood chopping and open heart surgery. Sometimes there is finesse required and sometimes the guillotine will do.

Meanwhile a cover is being created by a cousin of mine in London. As a graphic designer her approach will be slightly different but I must say I can’t wait to see the results. When the re-writes have slowed and the cover is ready, I may be able to part ways with this baby. I’ve been told that writers have a hard time putting themselves out there for the first time. I can empathize with this but you have to start somewhere and for me ‘The Rugby Blanket’ is as good a place as any.

Stay tuned for info on a sample I will post on my blog.


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